Blood shadow magic skill


But I don't know the spring breeze is wrong! Reason can be convinced, power is ineffective, but things, so as to hide the evil consequences of the future, is not expected by Shenni! Of course, she will never admit that she has done or said the wrong thing. The old nun did what she said. In addition to removing the ban on power and guiding Qi and Li back to the original, she also took out two elixirs. Just as she was about to send them to the Poisonous Dragon Aunt, the grief-stricken Jade Dragon Aunt, who was in her arms, wiped away her tears and took them with a smile through tears. She sobbed: "Thank you, Shifu. Your old man loves Xia'er most.." He quickly went over and took it for Huo Chunfeng. At this time, she shyly replied to the true face of the girl's family. She only liked to giggle at him and wanted to say something. She wanted to tell him something she could not say, but she couldn't say a word. After a while, she lowered her face and frowned. She didn't even dare to look at him directly. Her bright eyes only glanced at him secretly from time to time, as if she didn't recognize him and wanted to see every part of his body. Even like every hair. Qi Wei had already stretched out his hand and took an elixir from her palm to eat. She lowered her eyebrows and smiled as if she had realized something, and her head dropped even lower. But Shenni called softly, "Xia'er, come here. Don't forget that you have suffered too much. You have lost your vitality. You can't recover completely for a while. Take three pills first.." "That's enough for me," she said coquettishly. Why are you so cruel to Elder Martial Brother Qi and Elder Martial Brother Huo! "The other two are for the two of them to eat. Let Xia'er eat them." Poisonous Dragon Aunt couldn't help grinning and snorting,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, "You'd better give two grains to your Elder Martial Brother Huo to eat!"! Elder Martial Brother Qi's skill is high. He recovers quickly. He doesn't need to use it any more. The bone inside the words is important in the first sentence, and the other three sentences are just scabby heads catching up with the moon to borrow light as a foil. Yulong Gu did not know that there was foreshadowing in the article, but the right way was in the depths of her heart, and she wished she could give him one of her own. She went up and pestered the poisonous dragon aunt and refused to comply! Shenni laughed and said, "You girl, how.." Just as well! You take two pills and add one more for your teacher. Give it to Elder Martial Brother Qi. Two pills for each person is just right! Why did this old nun love Qi Wei and put forward it in particular? This incident, in modern words: Li Wenqi and Huo Chunfeng are the leading actors in the play. It has nothing to do with Qi Wei, not even a supporting role. Say it's not relevant! At this time,fenugreek saponins, Fenru Shenni thought he had a lot to do with it. Because, I know that Weiwei is the first to become famous in the original generation. He is older, and his martial arts are also outstanding. He is a model for the younger generation. Since he was ready to promise his beloved disciple to Huo Chunfeng, looking at Chunfeng's temperament, he seemed to have no expected respect for himself. In the future, no matter what, in his own capacity, he could never participate in it. At most, he was in charge of the name. If Qi Wei expressed a good impression, do not talk about giving each other with kindness, Qi Wei will understand, will try to mediate. Huo Chunfeng is very respectful to him, will listen to his words, turmeric extract powder ,jujube seed powder, that will meet their expectations. Qi and Huo were endowed with excellent skills. After taking the elixir, they were calm and relaxed, but they were tired and depressed. As long as they found a place to breathe for a few days, they could recover. Qi Wei was the first to stand up and salute respectfully. He thanked the elder generation and said, "The younger generation appreciates the elder generation.". Now that you have an order, you should wait on him with Brother Huo. This is tantamount to expressing to Shenni that he knows what Shenni means and is willing to obey. As soon as Yulong Gu went to help him, Huo Chunfeng jumped up and kept silent. Qi Wei hurriedly laughed and said, "Brother Huo is a proud scholar. He is honest and self-disciplined, but courtesy can't be abandoned. I thank the elder. Anyway, it's self-evident when the time comes. It's rare for Shenni to see him. He just takes this opportunity to accompany him around and receive some secrets that are not passed on." What a skill! Qi Weike said that he had a deep understanding of the general situation and had a unique insight. He knew that it was useless to disobey orders here and now. His wording was appropriate and comprehensive. Not only does it not hurt Huo Chunfeng's self-esteem, but also there is warning in euphemism. He also praised Fenru Shenni to remind the old nun not to listen to rumors lightly, to be stubborn, to eliminate prejudices, and to clarify the facts, which meant that he indirectly washed away the filth for Huo Chunfeng. The matter of Yulong Gu is already self-defeating. As long as you ask her, there will be no other details to explain the crux. However, the matter between Xi Suwen and Li Wenqi had to be handled by the old nun herself. Only implicit words, which make people realize that there are words in the words and lingering sounds, can truly speak, not fall into the stereotype of the common people, without any fireworks, but there is truth, as long as reasonable people, there is no one who is not convinced and has no hair to blow. Yulong Gu was in a hurry to grab Chunfeng's sleeve, but she immediately put it down and spat on herself. She blushed and said, "Elder Martial Brother Huo, why aren't you as cheerful as usual?"? I believe you won't be angry with my master. Just be angry with me. Because of this misunderstanding, it was because my sister fell into the tricks of the thieves. It was those damned thieves who made her angry. If she knew that you and Elder Martial Brother Li sacrificed their lives to rescue my sister from the wolf's mouth, she would be too busy to like you! You probably haven't figured out that my master is a generation higher than Guanghui Shibo, have you? We're all on our own, and we can't be rude in front of her! Even if you are punished by Guanghui Shibo! I can ask Shifu to pass on more of your mental skills. That's good. She did not know where the courage came from, in front of the master, like a lark, how could she talk so much? The spring breeze breathed a sigh of relief and said to himself, "All things are counted together. What is the theory of life and death?" "Don't be oversensitive, Miss," he said in awe. "Ritual is sincere and respectful, not empty. Your master is well versed in Buddhism and is highly respected. Of course, he is not bound by secular etiquette and law. I don't worship the Buddha when I see him. The Buddha asks for the center. Of course, I know that your teacher's seniority is high, misunderstanding and blame each other, what is the regret. It doesn't matter if we don't talk about it. There are still misunderstandings now. It doesn't matter if you insult me. I can guarantee that the matter between Elder Martial Sister Ling and Elder Martial Brother Li will be clear and clear. I can know what I want and finish it with a word. If I want to be speechless, I will end it with your teacher! Yulong Gu seemed to be afraid of being blamed by Nai Shi, and she had a grudge against him. She was so anxious that she wanted to say something again. But Nai Shi sneered,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, "This son is so strong. He is sharp and aggressive. It can be said that his eloquence is not harmful. Why should the old man fight with the younger generation? Don't be impatient. The old man has his own way to bury it. I'll give you justice!" She breathed a sigh of relief and asked with a smile, "Master, where are you going?" 。

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